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Welcome to SafeCraft.

EllisWin Admin posted Feb 1, 15  -  News

SafeCraft is a 'White listed' Minecraft server that is designed to be a safe place for children and the families & friends of children that have autistic conditions, to play Minecraft on line.

If you are a child or a family member, or friend of a child with an autistic condition, and you have the PC/Mac version of Minecraft you can apply to be added the server whitelist and granted access to the Minecraft Server.
SafeCraft was created by myself Ellis Deacon (in game name EllisWin) & my wife Michelle Deacon (in game name ShelleyWin) after we took part in an autism awareness & anti-bullying campaign, we decided that we wanted to do more as a family to help with this idea, so we started SafeCraft, SafeCraft is the first UK based Minecraft server, with owners that are trained in The Safeguarding of Vulnerable Children & Adults & Understanding Autism and Aspergers Syndrome. we have also undergone training in how to help and support children with Oppositional Defiance Disorders.
The server and website have been specifically designed to be a place where children with autistic conditions can play safely, together with their friends & families without being judged, bullied or mistreated in any way.
We also invite applications from parents and friends of any child, no matter what their ability, who would like a safe place for their children to play Minecraft online.
Some SafeCraft features include:
  • Sophisticated chat filtering software to keep in game chat friendly and supportive.
  • Survival worlds with no PVP and inventory protection.
  • Anti griefing software to protect your builds.
  • Website simple support ticket system for all players to access and ask for help.
  • Mini-games that add enhanced game play to Minecraft.
  • No pay to play, all items within the server shop can be bought with 'Points' which can be earned in game.
  • Friendly, supportive & helpful Admin/Moderation staff.
  • Safeguarding Children & Adults trained Owners & Staff
For more information please read ourFAQ and Parent Information pages, we look forward to meeting you all on the server.

You Tube Recording

EllisWin Admin posted 23 hours ago  -  UpdateNewsYou Tube

Tonight scheduled You Tube recording will have to be postponed until 6pm tomorrow eveing.

Were sorry for the late notice, but we hope you can all join us in the recording 6pm UK Time tomorrow.

Hello everyone news is reaching us from the village project that we would like to share with you, firstly the village has been given its official name and that name is Safe Haven, we really liked the idea of the village being a Safe Haven for all those that have found their way there and have settled down into village life and their jobs.

The market stall now sees a healthy amount of items on sale, each day, and it seems everyone is really supporting each other, I have heard of no major incidents from Sgt. Deacon of the village police, although he did ask could we please stop locking him in his own cells, as this was most embarrassing in front of his officers!

The mine has had the rail track extended down into the mine, with it going all the way back up to the warehouse in the village, you can send up mine carts with chests in, and they will deposit their loads into the chest in the warehouse automatically for you to collect later, giving you longer to stay mining without having to travel to the surface to unload your inventories.

On the brewers stalls we have seen the first sales of tipped arrows, they tend to sell out as quick as they are put up for sale, so keep an eye out for more each day, we have a feeling that they may come in handy sometime.

The most important news for everyone came this Friday, EllisWin Brewer and minor wizard called a village meeting in the village hall, he told the villagers of an illness that had overcome ShelleyWin, and how none of his best potions would work to help her get better, then he told of how he felt a great dark presence approaching Safe Haven, he didn't know what it was or when it would get to the village just that it was coming and we needed to prepare.

Villagers were sent of to start building a protective wall around the village, and to gather as many resources as they could mine or craft, we needed to be ready, ShelleyWin tried to help out but her sickness kept making her sneeze and feel dizzy, even the kind offer of a fresh carrot from PinkApple1 couldn't help her. So villagers, make haste, ready the village, something is coming, and we need to be ready, EllisWins visions of a darkness keep coming, and we need to travel to find a cure for the sickness before it strikes us all down.

The adventure has begun, and we want to see as many of you as possible to be involved in a great role play game for SafeCraft, which we will be recording for our You Tube channel, hopefully starting this Friday.

Donty10 ArchitectVIP If you are wondering where the tipped arrows are going.. I am buying them! I am a hunter!
ZappedByTheSky Admin SafeHaven is in the villageproject server wich is also whitelisted. If you want to be added to this whitelist you just n...
WorzelGummidge PARENT How does one get to SafeHaven? If it is a different server, do we have to join again?

As you all know we have decided to conduct a bit of a social experiment to try and find out if we can all work together to keep a small village thriving and surviving, and hopefully to grow.


Shelley and I have been busy creating a whole new server with a brand new world, where we have built a decent sized village, in the village we have built a number of structures including houses for each of the job roles there are, most of the roles have large houses, big enough to share with someone of the same role, with the exception of the Miners and the fisherman, they have smaller cottages, which they have to their own.


The objective is to see if between us all we can not only survive but maybe even increase the size of the village and make it prosper, everyone will join the village with no inventory and only $10 in their money account.


It will be up to the early settlers to get everything going, finding food, gathering resources just to survive the first few days, then as the village fills up players will start working solely in their own jobs, and will make money doing their job and selling items they craft, bake, make, mine or grow.


JakesDen Donator+ how do we join?
diamondarmor0426 VIP Just a question, can we make our own custom versions of the skins based on the jobs, so we can have things a little bit ...
Admiral_T2A can anyone use these skins?

Were pleased to let you all know that we have today officially added Mob Disguises to some of the fun things that you buy from the server shop, purchasing one of the Mob Disguise packs not only gives you the ability to disguise yourself and one of the mobs in any of the survival worlds, it also helps to keep SafeCraft server and website up and running.

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