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Elliswin AdminOwner posted Jun 26, 14  -  News
SafeCraft is a 'White listed' Minecraft server that is designed to be a safe place for children and the families & friends of children that have autistic conditions, to play Minecraft on line.

If you are a child or a family member, or friend of a child with an autistic condition, and you have the PC/Mac version of Minecraft you can apply to be added to the whitelist and granted access to the Minecraft Server.

SafeCraft was created by myself Ellis Deacon (in game name EllisWin) & my wife Michelle Deacon (in game name ShellyWin) after we took part in an autism awareness anti-bullying campaign, and decided that we wanted to do more as a family, so we started SafeCraft, SafeCraft is the first UK based Minecraft server, with owners that are trained in Safeguarding Children & Adults. The server and website have been specifically designed to be a place where children with autistic conditions can play safely, together with their friends & families without being judged, bullied or mistreated in any way.

We also invite applications from parents of any child, no matter what their ability, who would like a safe place for their children to play Minecraft online.

Some SafeCraft features include:
  • Sophisticated chat filtering software to keep in game chat friendly and supportive.
  • Survival worlds with no PVP and inventory protection.
  • Anti griefing software to protect your builds.
  • In game simple support ticket system for all players to access and ask for help.
  • Mini-games that add enhanced game play to Minecraft.
  • No pay to play, all items within the server shop can be bought with 'Points' which can be earned in game.
  • Friendly, supportive & helpful Admin/Moderation staff.
  • Safeguarding Children & Adults trained Owners & Staff
For more information please read our FAQ and Parent Information pages, we look forward to meeting you all on the server.

Tutorial - How to email SafeCraft

Elliswin AdminOwner posted Mon at 15:30  -  Email How to SafeCraftTutorial

Here is a quick tutorial on how members can contact SafeCraft by email.

Block Hunt Spawn/Lobby Updated.

Elliswin AdminOwner posted Sep 23, 14  -  Blockhunt New lobbyNew SpawnNews

With the popularity of the mini game Block Hunt, we decided that is was time to give the lobby a bit of a makeover, well a complete rebuild is a better way to describe it.

We also took this opportunity to increase the capacity of this lobby so that we can connect to more block hunt games, we already have a new one sitting in the wings waiting to go live, but that wont happen until mid October, but on top of this one we can actually have 3 more arenas too.

To have a look around the new lobby pop on over the Block Hunt server and check it out, if you arrive in the old lobby for any reason just do /spawn to get you to the new one.

Hello everyone, We have just finished adding our latest mini game to the server tonight, Colour Shuffle, this mini game is a fun, simple, easy to play mini game for everyone to enjoy.

To play the game, players join one of two (so far) arenas, once in the arena the game starts, players will have in their hand a piece of wool, its colour will shuffle through all the colours available in the arena until it comes to rest on one colour, what ever colour you hold in your hand, or you see on the screens around the arena indicates what colour block you should stand on, rush to the corresponding coloured block and stand on it, as the time counts down to zero, you will want to be standing on the correct colour, because at zero the entire floor disappears leaving just the correctly co-ordinated colour blocks.

Each round the time gets shorter, the aim of the game is to last the longest, and survive as many waves of Colour Shuffles that you can.

As always we will be adding new arenas to the game soon, to get to the games server use the warp gate in the spawn or use the command /server colourshuffle, to join an arena right click a join sign.

Blue354 AdminParent Yayy! one of my favourite games. Can't wait!

Yes I know we are a little late in announcing the winner of our competition from the summer, but we thought we would let everyone have a little bit of extra time when we changed i.p and had some downtime.

Anyway, all this week we have been looking around the creative world and visiting all the plots that had competition entry signs and we have been really pleased with the entries into the competition, obviously with a competition theme of "what summer means to you" this had scope to include all sorts of entries, and they did, We had the obvious entries of sandy beaches and big waves which were all great to see, we even had surf boarding dogs and snowmen! there were giant ice lollies, rollercoasters and waterparks.

Eventually we had to stop looking around and  we chose the third place runner us as, PinkyBandit's Caravan Holiday, well done Pinky you win yourself 3000 points to spend on the server.

In second place winning 4000 points to spend in the shop was Thotch with his fantastic stables, pasture and trampoline, looks like a fun packed summer there Thotch, Well done.

And the overall winner, and winner of all the official Minecraft Books & 5000 points, with a simple but fun design is Zapped By The Sky, he also had a mixture of activities, including a swimming pool, basketball court, beach with sun shades, but what we thought was fun was the underground Teachers Prison! just to make sure they don't come out and ruin your summer fun! and he even managed to get in a nice sun high above it all, So Zapped get your family to contact us with an address and we will get your prize in the post and out on its way to you.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in the competition, we really enjoyed all of your buildings, We will be holding our next competition later in the year, for Christmas 2014.

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