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EllisWin AdminOwner posted Feb 1, 15  -  News

SafeCraft is a 'White listed' Minecraft server that is designed to be a safe place for children and the families & friends of children that have autistic conditions, to play Minecraft on line.

If you are a child or a family member, or friend of a child with an autistic condition, and you have the PC/Mac version of Minecraft you can apply to be added the server whitelist and granted access to the Minecraft Server.
SafeCraft was created by myself Ellis Deacon (in game name EllisWin) & my wife Michelle Deacon (in game name ShellyWin) after we took part in an autism awareness anti-bullying campaign, and decided that we wanted to do more as a family, so we started SafeCraft, SafeCraft is the first UK based Minecraft server, with owners that are trained in Safeguarding Children & Adults. The server and website have been specifically designed to be a place where children with autistic conditions can play safely, together with their friends & families without being judged, bullied or mistreated in any way.
We also invite applications from parents of any child, no matter what their ability, who would like a safe place for their children to play Minecraft online.
Some SafeCraft features include:
  • Sophisticated chat filtering software to keep in game chat friendly and supportive.
  • Survival worlds with no PVP and inventory protection.
  • Anti griefing software to protect your builds.
  • Website simple support ticket system for all players to access and ask for help.
  • Mini-games that add enhanced game play to Minecraft.
  • No pay to play, all items within the server shop can be bought with 'Points' which can be earned in game.
  • Friendly, supportive & helpful Admin/Moderation staff.
  • Safeguarding Children & Adults trained Owners & Staff
For more information please read our FAQ and Parent Information pages, we look forward to meeting you all on the server.

We would like to ask all our players that have not yet added their Minecraft Character to their account to do so, adding your character is quick and easy, and allows you to access the in game and website SafeCraft shops, and the absolute best thing about adding your character is that we give you 1000 Points for doing so, that's right 1000 points to spend in game or on the website server store, here you can buy all sorts of in game items, some exclusive to the shop, and of course your own pets that you can name, ride or wear as hats!

You too can own your own pet Ender Dragon and fly around the survival worlds atop of your flying dragon, or have that ever so cute black and white kitten following you around as your pet, these are all available in the website/server game store for you to enjoy.

Adding your character also puts a 3D image of your player on any of your forum posts, and updates your player avatar to reflect your own unique skin.

So don't know how to do this? not a problem, the really nice people at enjin have already though of that, and TheTux2 has made a very nice video to watch that explains it all, combine this with some simple written instructions, and you will be up and running in no time.

So go ahead, watch the video, read the instructions, and get on with adding your character and those 1000 points will drop into your account as soon as your done.

How to add your Minecraft character to your profile

  • Sign into SafeCraft, and go to your user Profile Page
  • Select the Characters Icon on the left hand side of your profile.
  • Click Add Character on the top right.
  • Select Minecraft PC from the drop down menu
  • Open you generic Minecraft client/programme.
  • Go to multiplayer
  • Direct connect to the server address
  • When you join you will be given your own unique player code, make a note of this code.
  • Return to your profile page and submit the code into the input field and then tick add character to SafeCraft character list
  • Click on Save Character button & your done.

We would like to see all players add their characters, it is part of our signup process, and helps us keep SafeCraft safe, as we can confirm who is who, as players can have different enjin user names compared to their minecraft user name.

Thanks for keeping SafeCraft safe, and as always we look forward to seeing you all on the server.


We are really pleased to inform you that we have at last got hold a copy of the pets plugin that is compatible with Minecraft 1.8.3, including 3 new cool pets.

Up for grabs as pets now are Endermites, Rabbits and the super cool and rare Guardians, they are all now live in the server store, so go check them out.

NetherOcelot Member It says i dont have permission to use my bunny
NetherOcelot Member YES!!!!!!!!!!! Pet bunny here i come!

As the numbers of SafeCraft grow and as the global spread of our player base increases, it has become quite clear that we a little bit of support to keep the servers ticking over nicely, we need to increase the numbers of both our Moderator Staff and Admin Staff, to help us out when ever they can.

We are seeking adults that play the server to donate some time to the server in the role of Moderator or as and Admin, we are seeking people that are able to communicate well with our players of all abilities, that have a level of understanding and empathy towards members of the server who may have autistic conditions, and who are willing to give up some of their time to help the players of our server grow thier skills both in the game and out of the game.

Both of these roles carry with them a level of professionalism that is needed, along with a good understanding of our rules and the ethics behind SafeCraft, these roles can be at times hugely frustrating and complex, but equally extreamly rewarding also.

If you are interested in donating some time, or would like to know more, then please do not hesitage to ask me, you can either contact us by sending a message via our members pages or by submitting a support ticket on the homepage.

We are particularly interested in hearing from players from the USA, Australia and New Zealand, as well as here in the UK.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Ellis & Michlle Deacon.

There have been quite a few comments recently asking where have the Win family been, well we have like many other families during half term have been having days out with the children, visiting family as well as working on new things for the server.

Yes we are currently working on some new things for the server which we are using a seperate server from SafeCraft to build things on, we have been really busy and were not saying what we have in store yet, but thought we would give you a couple of little sneek peeks at what were working on.

So as you can see we have been busy, we still have lots to do, but we hope it will be worth in once it is all live.

AwesomeJacksonP SupporterJnr-Champion These buildings look AWESOME!!!! youve really put some effort into it ellis im proud of u and shelly Awesome ...
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